Spring Cleaning & Going Dark

I’m not really sure why it happened but beginning around the 1st of March I just went dark on the internet. I would occasionally check in on Facebook but I stopped blogging, tweeting and all that other outward focused internet type stuff. One, I didn’t think I had that much to say and two, I just hit a rough patch personally and didn’t have the energy to write.

I moved on from creating charts and graphs with jQuery to working on our new inventory system and finalizing our timeclock system. The timeclock system went live about 3 weeks ago and now every employee can keep track of their time. In the past, it was always black magic to determine our times. Now users have a clean web interface and get up to date information. The next phase of this project is to implement a scheduling component for the staff. I have been using jQuery Week Calendar for the UI. I have been tweaking it a bit and if I have the energy will write up my experiences with it.

I’ve also spent the last week or so compiling a Linux system from scratch. Very educational, and I’ll go into more detail later.  Since I finished that I decided to get around to doing some cleaning at the office.  We have bought several auctions over the last few years and have quite a few computers that do not work anymore.  There were also many others that were just really old so I stripped anything usable and just started stacking the cases.  I called around and found that a local Goodwill will recycle them properly.  I loaded my truck this morning with 40 computers and have another half load to take this afternoon.  There is now a lot more room but as soon as the clinic buys their next auction it will be full again.

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