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Bookmarklet to Send To Do Items to Basecamp

I have been developing a sub-site on an existing WordPress installation. This includes creating templates based on designs from our art department and developing a plugin to display recipes. After I got the design and code working, I began entering all the recipes by hand. Then I passed the test site URL along to my team members to let them do some quality control. I then received an email saying that I had to-do items on Basecamp. Some of the to do items were hard to track down because my coworkers simply put in a title. We have ~50 recipes and so I had to scroll through the recipes to find the offending one.

So I started thinking. What if there were a way to streamline the entering of to-do items and add the URL as well? Originally, I was going to use a page with frames but I couldn’t keep track of the URL after navigating away from the source page. Then I started thinking about the Evernote bookmarklet. It can copy a URL and even an entire web page. So I did a few searches on “bookmarklets” and came across an article by John Resig about using a bookmarklet to insert jQuery and then modify So I took the idea and began to got a basic jQuery dialog box loading into my page through a bookmark. Then I wrote a separate page to pull the relevant info from Basecamp and then populate some dropdown menus.

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Sorting & Filtering Tables

So a large portion of the code I write is to output data in table format.  When you have hundreds of rows, it becomes hard to decipher all the data. Plus, the end users are use to Excel, which allows them to sort and filter their data.

I originally tried to implement sorting on the server side, but the down side was that would cause the entire page to reload. I had been working with jQuery but wasn’t sure if it was possible.  After a minute of searching I came across Tablesorter. Set up is very straight forward.
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The Lengths I Go to Organize My Books

A few years ago I installed OpenBiblio on one of my websites to keep tab of all my books. I wrote a Perl script that uses a book’s ISBN number to retrieve the bibliographic information from Amazon and then enter the book into my library.  I can now search all my books  as well my DVDs and I have a complete list for insurance purposes.  Also, now if someone wants to borrow a book, I can check it out and know who borrowed what and when.
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Spring Cleaning & Going Dark

I’m not really sure why it happened but beginning around the 1st of March I just went dark on the internet. I would occasionally check in on Facebook but I stopped blogging, tweeting and all that other outward focused internet type stuff. One, I didn’t think I had that much to say and two, I just hit a rough patch personally and didn’t have the energy to write. Continue reading

jqPlot – Clickable Bar Graphs

Updated – jqPlot now has the `jqplotDataClick` event which replicates the functionality discussed below. See the example for Vertical and Horizontal Bar Charts.

I’ve been creating several charts using jqPlot and several of them have been bar graphs. One issue I ran into early on was how to I determine which bar someone clicked on without actually clicking on the data point at the top of the bar.

Updated – Clicking on the image will take you a live example.

Bar Graph with One Series
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Visualizing Data – jqPlot & gRaphaël

My supervisor mentioned to me about a month ago that the doctors want a dashboard on our website to track various data points.

  • How many patients were seen in a week.
  • How many patients did each doctor see.
  • What were type of visit were the patients coming in for.
  • The wish list could go on…

Things were slow for a couple of days so I dove back into my research into Javascript graphing plugins.  I came across jqPlot and gRaphaël as two good candidates.  I liked the wide variety of graphing possibilities with jqPlot.  gRaphaël looked really pretty.  But all of this was judging the book by its cover.
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Another Programmer’s Blog

I’ve been blogging off and on for the last 5 years. I’ve written about technology and programming as well as my personal life and my faith. I’ve often refrained from geeking out too much on my blog because I didn’t want to go over people’s heads and most of my readers are not coders. However, I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a purely programming blog for the last couple of years. Each time I failed to have the passion and I didn’t feel I had a lot to offer.

Well whether I do or not I leave up to you. Here goes nothing.